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Lies, Lies, More Lies... Hell, Always Lies

10/07 - It's been over 2 years since we heard anything about Denise Hedrick aka Gilson, but I just received some info that she's back in business again. She claims to have received a settlement of over $250,000! But she's not planning on using that money to pay back the installers she didn't pay. She wants to spend the money on a house and build her business up again. More info coming soon. Here's some phone numbers you might try calling to see if you can get your money back...

If she tries to tell you she's working for Install Management or she's covering the entire state of Michigan for them... IT'S A LIE!!!

This blog now goes from the oldest entry to the most recent. It was too hard to follow going from newest to oldest.

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Read their ridiculous contract If you sign this without reading it, expect to get only half of what's owed. They have every possible reason to deduct money from your pay!

9 Jan, 2004 - "Pay will be paid"

From: Satellite Pro's
To: Joel Munn
Date: Friday, January 9, 2004, 6:11:31 PM
Subject: Pay will be paid

Sorry for not getting back with you for a while. It's been a real rat race with fighting with the Friend of the Court about Kevin's children. I truly do apologize deeply.

We will have you paid in full by the end of this month. We are doing our end of the year paperwork to close out the year of 2003.

*We do need either your social security # or Federal ID# to send you your 1099 paperwork.

Please reply to this email or efax over one of them to our new efax # 1-408-790-0635

Please accept our apologizes for not getting in contact with you to let you know what was going on. It has been very stressful in more ways than we can explain.

Kevin Denise
Satellite Pros

Of course, I did all they asked and never saw my 1099 or a check.

16 Feb, 2004 - MSN Group posting adding Satellite Pros to the list of companies that don't pay.

See if you can find anything in this post that warrants suing for slander or defamation of character.

Message 37 in Discussion
From: CableSux

I've given them plenty of time and listened to them promise to pay me by the end of January (and send me my 1099-MISC), but still nothing.

Add to the 'They do not pay" list;

Satellite Pro's (yes, they use an apostrophy)
Ovid, MI (live in Owosso)
Kevin & Denise Hedrick

It's only $800, but part of that is a Dish Network system that I sold and installed for them!


17 Feb, 2004 - E-mails between myself and Denise; response to my posting in the MSN Group adding them to the Companies that don't pay list. Lorna, did you forward my post to Denise?

Since I included all of her original e-mail in my reply, I'll just show my e-mail reply. Denise's original text proceeded by >'s.

From: Joel Munn MAVDI
To: Satellite Pro's
Date: Tuesday, February 17, 2004, 9:59:55 PM
Subject: Got a problem?

Hello Satellite,
Tuesday, February 17, 2004, 6:14:09 PM, you wrote:

> Had been in the hospital for 3 1/2 off and on had surgery. I
> just got back in the office tonight and a very reliable person had
> emailed me about something they had seen on MSN group. I wonder what
> that may be?

I listed you as a company that doesn't pay. It's a standard practice
in the forum.

> You will be getting some pay* but papers will be filed for slander
> and defamation of character* for what was said.

I didn't slander or defame. I simply stated a fact.

> It is illegal to name company names and persons' names on such of what you had wrote.

Actually it's not. If your reliable source was actively reading the
messages, he/she would also know that this subject has already been
extensively discussed.

> It probably would have been a good idea to call to find out what
> was going on. Wouldn't you think.

I've tried that in the past and there has always been excuses. I've
e-mailed you, I've faxed invoices for months and only once did I hear
back... and that was with a promise to pay me by the end of January.
Another broken promise.

> I will be finding out what the court costs will be ect. and that
> amount will be deducted from whatever is possibly owed to you.

Now THAT would be illegal. You can not deduct court costs from wages
owed unless the court costs are related to the work performed to earn
those wages, which is not the case here.

You can sue to recover court costs during or after you've gone to
court, not before. Besides, how do you show that on a 1099? If our
numbers do not match, that sends a red flag up with the IRS.

> I have spoken to Kevin and we agree upon this. DO NOT COME TO THIS

> Anyway, when 1099 was sent a check was in with it, but for
> whatever reason it came back to me.*

> Such luck.

Put the original returned envelope (with "Return to Sender" stamp on
it) along with the original check and 1099 and I will believe you.*

> Our attorney advised us that if apology is made on MSN group
> forums and all other sites then charges will not be brought up.

I will not apologize for stating a fact. What would I say? "I'm sorry
for saying that Sat Pros doesn't pay me."? If I had said something
derogatory in a fit of rage, that would be different. I can do this; I
can make a posting stating that you have paid me in full and then
delete the original message so it doesn't show up anymore.

> I will not be back in the office till the 27th if this month to
> have more testing done at the hospital.

> Kevin Denise
> Satellite Pro's
> 989-834-9690

I thought we were friends, but you have left me hanging for months.
You could have paid a little here, a little there, but chose to just
ignore me. You stopped giving me work when you decided not to pay me
anymore. I had high hopes that we would have a good working
relationship, not be competitors or have ill feelings towards each
other. You ruined what could have been. I kept hoping you'd come
through. I didn't do anything to force the issue (until now). I didn't
take you to court for the money; I didn't take out contractor liens
against your customers; I didn't contact DSI, Metron or CVS.
All I want is what I earned by faithfully doing work for you.
I'm sorry the friendship has run it's course,


*I never did receive a 1099, (the original one or any), the original envelope or any check, any papers from any lawyer or "some pay".

Long break in time with no word from Satellite Pro's. During this time I faxed invoices several times without hearing a word back.

22 June, 2004 - Faxed final invoice before going to Small Claims Court.

Final Invoice * You can see the work dates are in Sep & Oct 2003 and by June '04 I still hadn't been paid.

19 Aug, 2004 - Filed in Small Claims Court against Satellite Pros

Small Claims document Case # 04-329SC * Court date of 21 Oct, 2004.

15 Oct, 2004 - $150 shows up in my checking account. No phone call, e-mail or fax from anyone saying where it came from.

21 Oct, 2004 - Small Claims Court. No one from/for Satellite Pros shows up. Default judgment.

Small Claims document (judgment) Case # 04-329SC * They have 21 days to pay.

15 Nov, 2004 - Non payment of Small Claims Court Judgment.

They had 21 days to pay and didn't. Now they are in violation of a court order. I call the court and find out there's nothing they can do to make them pay (duh!) so I have to file for "discovery" to find out their bank accounts, credit cards, assets, etc.

20 Dec, 2004 - MSN Group, posting by Lorna of DSI. She has since deleted her message from the group.

Re: Satellite Pro's, Ovid, Michigan

From: Workingld1
Message 8 in Discussion

I also know the Owners of Satellite Pro's they are reliable and very good people! So if you have a problem with them then it is your problem not theirs! I have known them for almost 2 years and NEVER had any problems with them. So what does that say about the installers who are complaining? I consider Kevin and Denise family and my best friends.
Thank you,

20 Dec, 2004 - Posting in MSN Group
They changed their ID around Mar 16, 2005 so it now reads From: VeteranOutofbusiness instead of SatPros.
Keep in mind, these were supposedly written by Danielle, their bookkeeper.

Re: Satellite Pro's, Ovid, Michigan

From: SatPros Sent: 12/20/2004 9:30 PM
First of all, Satellite Pros pays their techs. The only time payment is not paid and/or held is if certain subcontractors (Stuffinabox) leave a company high and dry w/ 20 jobs left to be done with only a 3 day notice with a majority scheduled. That's not even enough time to find qualified tech(s) to cover those areas. Due to this these scheduled jobs were taken from Satellite Pros from the retailer and Stuffinabox was deducted accordingly in return. This is a damage to any company. A subcontractor agreement was email to all techs. If a tech(s) does work even after receiving the agreement and does work; weather the agreement is not signed; makes that agreement binding BY LAW. Deductions then take place. As far as for a laptop being worked on....well we should take a picture how we received the laptop back "stuffed in a box" in pieces. The laptop more than likely could have been salvageable but not now. A Professional computer person even stated that "stuffinabox" "has no business in touching a computer". As for "great kids worthless parents", well what can be said about that is yes great kids and very great parents. must be jealous because Satellite Pros have something they don't; a family and children that have parents that take care of them and love them. Satellite Pros' attorneys "Fieger and Associates" have been sent all "slander"; which by the way slander is illegal by law, made to Satellite Pros and informed " Satellite/Broadband Technicians" that if anything more said about this company criminal actions will be taken.
Secondly, as for this personal website thing....there is no way anyone would jeopordize losing their job in giving confidental information to a installation company. Sounds like someone is deperate. Now, my opinion of this Stuffinabox is upset and trying to hurt anyone that they can. Satellite Pros covers 8 states with 30-50 techs and has paid all their techs faithfully; even giving techs that deserve it bonuses

At least they spelled "Fieger" correctly this time! LOL

20 Dec, 2004 - Posting in MSN Group
They changed their ID around Mar 16, 2005 so it now reads From: VeteranOutofbusiness instead of SatPros.

From: SatPros Sent: 12/20/2004 10:16 PM
First of all, Kevin w/ Satellite Pros NEVER threatened you physically...He said that if the "slander that you are doing against Satellite Pros and personal remarks as well does not stop that Stuffinabox will be contacted by their attorneys.
It would be advisable in your best insterest to stop. Their attorneys are very well known. You just need to stop. I'm sure that if any thing is owed to you will be paid to you in the standard 90 day waiting period.I do know that working in Satellite Pros office as their accountant, there is quite a lot of paperwork that was never received from Stuffinabox that will not be paid on period. Satellite Pros and their family are very good people. Please refrain from slandering this company. Also, if giving personal information out to other about their person address and anything happens to them; then you will be held liable by law because you cause it to happen.
Just stop while all is good.
Send me and email (invoice in excel format) with what you think you owed and I'll take a look @ it and email you back w/ what I have came up with. I will inform Satellite Pros owners of what I am doing as well as their attorneys.
This is becoming very childish. Everyone needs to grow up and stop making this sound like a soap opera.


20 Dec, 2004 E-mail supposedly from Danielle (bookkeeper).

Sent it at 10:36PM? What was the bookkeeper doing in their office at that time of night? Right!

From: Denise Hedrick <>
To: <>
Date: Monday, December 20, 2004, 10:36:29 PM
Subject: Pay
First of all, I am NOT Denise. My name is Danielle. The only reason that Satellite Pros kept you is because they needed someone @ that time to do whatever jobs that could get done. I do all of Satellite Pros accounting and I know for a fact that Denise could not show @ the court house was a family member past away and was at a funeral 500 miles away. I know that I personally transferred funds of $150 to your account before this "court date" our records show this and bank records as well.

Danielle Long

So why wasn't Feiger, er Fieger, at the Small Claims Court hearing? :-D

22 Dec, 2004 - E-mail from Ay Sz (aka Denise)

From: Ay Sz <>
To: <>
Date: Wednesday, December 22, 2004, 2:02:10 AM
Subject: Enough Man
Files: <none>
I am an technician that does work for Satellite Pros for a few years doing
installs for them in the western michigan, northern indiana area. I never
have had to worry about getting paid by Satellite Pros once. So if you
choose to remove this posting that's of your choice, but understand one
thing...everyone has the right to voice their opinions and denying that
right is unfair to all that wants to know if any. Taking this memo off does
not makes it look good on you. It would make some think whats this person
trying to do? Man enough is enough. Grow up and let it go.


Guess who's IP address this e-mail came from? You guessed it, Denise's.

28 Dec, 2004 - - Posting in MSN Group by Lorna of DSI. She has since deleted her post from the group.

Re: Satellite Pro's, Ovid, Michigan

From: Workingld1
Message 15 in Discussion

Yes, the Denise and Kevin are my friends. The company Satellite Pros did quit doing work for DSI over 3 months ago, but it only lasted 2 weeks and now they are back with DSI. So who ever told you they are not with DSI doesn't know what they are talking about. Next time you post something on this site you better check your fact first.
Thank You,

13 Jan, 2005 - I go back to court and file for Discovery

Since they didn't pay in 21 days as ordered by the court, I have to file for Seizure of assets. But since I don't know what assets they have, I have to first file for Discovery. I completed the claim form, but I won't get a copy back until they have been served and a court date is set. Here's the receipt for filing.

15 Feb, 2005 - E-mail to installers owed money - going out of business, filing Chap 11.

To All Satellite Installers:

This is to inform you that Denise is NOT the owner of Satellite Pros of Michigan. Any issues that need to be addressed is to be addressed to Kevin, owner of Satellite Pros. Also, Satellite Pros is going out of business and filing Chapter 11.

Satellite Pros apologizes for any and all inconvieneces.

Kevin (owner)
Satellite Pros

Did anyone ever get a letter from a bankruptcy court? I didn't. If you didn't, then they are lying again and you can still take them to court.

15 Feb, 2005 - E-mail supposedly from nationally acclaimed lawyer, Geoffrey Fieger (of Dr. Kevorkian and Jenny Jones fame).

What a totally moronic lie!

Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 21:32:44 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
From: "Denise Hedrick" <>
Subject: any debt possibly owed to you from Satellite Pros
To: xxxxxxxxxxx

Dear xxxxxx

Please send a list by job numbers and last names of the customer that
you say Satellite Pros owes you on, with a contact number that I can
reach you on to discuss pay to you, after any deductions;if any. I
will be looking it over and calling you with the result.

I need to know if your address is still the same or if it has changed
for what is on Satellite pros records. If so, I will need it to send
payment out to you. My firm and I would prefer to direct deposit any
money owed to you by the end of the this month.

Your abrupt reply is of the utmost to insure any payment owed to you
is paid.

This is to inform you as well that Satellite Pros has filing Chapter
11 with the courts and is going out of business as well. This is do to
the owner's wife having a extreme heartache and has disabled her.

I am also forwarding this to Satellite Pros email to let them know
that I am addressing any issues.
Thank You for your time.

I will be waiting patiently for your response back.


Jeff Feiger & Associates

#1 DUH: it's Fieger, not Feiger!
#2 DUH: Why would Fieger send an e-mail from Denise's computer and use her e-mail address???
#3 DUH: Fieger is a trial lawyer. He doesn't do bankruptcies.
#4 DUH: Pig English + pig grammar + missing words + wrong words = not written by any damn lawyer or his office help. If it were, they'd be fired! Copy & Paste the letter into Word, you'll see what I mean.
#5 DUH: Chapter 11 is mainly for corporations and does not forgive debt, it's only for coming up with a payment plan. Chapter 13 is what they meant. Mr. Fieger would certainly know the difference!

Several installers that received this e-mail called Fieger's office. #1 they never heard of Satellite Pros and #2 they are PISSED that they are using his name and sending e-mails claiming to be from him (Fieger). I wouldn't be surprise if they got a nasty phone call or letter from Fieger's office! Dumb dumb dumb

16 Mar, 2005 AM - PAID FINALLY!!! - Denise called me, very irate. She had just been served court papers for a discovery of property hearing that I initiated to be held Mar 28th. She complained that that was money for the kids clothes. She didn't say she didn't owe me the money. I received the money owed (settled for the original amount, less court costs, less the $150 paid on 15 Oct, 2004) via direct deposit within a few minutes. It only took 16 months. How come I never heard from Fieger?!?! LOL I'm sure she paid up right away because she didn't want me getting hold of her bank info and list of assets and turning that info over to others that are owed money! Especially since we now know they DID NOT file for bankruptcy!

16 Mar, 2005 - "went out of business" Hmmm the same day they got served for my "discovery" subpoena?.

Here is the Company Profile update submitted by Satellite Pro's for the Reviews site. (

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
( on Wednesday, March 16, 2005 at 14:42:00
subject: Add Company/Installer
Name: Kevin Hedrick
Company: Satellite Pros
Street: went out of business
City: went out of business
State: MI
ZIP: 48866
Affiliation: installer
Phone: 989-834-9690
Employees: 0


And here is a second update submitted by "AJ" er "DAN" (you figure it out), supposedly someone that installed for them.

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
( on Wednesday, March 16, 2005 at 14:51:14 (9 minutes later)
subject: Add Company/Installer
Name: AJ
Company: Satellite Pros
Street: is out of business
City: is out of business
State: MI
ZIP: 48866
Affiliation: installer
Phone: 989-834-9690
Fax: 989-834-9629
Employees: 0
Comments: I had worked for Satellite Pros for a number of years and because of a certain client that Satellite Pros had that kept shorting them on pay; they were unable to stay in business. Satellite Pros is good people but had a bad judgment call in doing work for this certain client that would continuously say to them, and had said to me that "they'll make sure all shortages would be on next check. Well, when the next check would come; I myself, seen that DSI shorted them over $3,000. DSI is the people at fault here not Satellite Pros. I know that if DSI paid these installation companies correctly; people would have gotten paid. Satellite Pros is now out of business and will not be able to recover from this.


So Dan aka AJ was sitting at Denise's PC and typed the last one up, eh? Right! Also, is Denise's Yahoo ID/address, so who does she think she's fooling?

Well this gets just better and better...

She changed her Yahoo Profile to say "Dan" now.

Yahoo! ID: cobra5pt
Real Name: Dan
Nickname: cobra5pt
Location: USA
Marital Status: No Answer
Gender: No Answer
Occupation: medical student

But back in Feb, 2005 her profile said:

Yahoo! ID: cobra5pt
Real Name: Denise
Marital Status: Married
Gender: Female
Occupation: medical student/ business owner


I heard from a colleague that they were at an MSP contractors meeting trying to become the MSP contractor for Michigan for DSI & Perfect-10. That doesn't sound like they are out of business to me!

12 Apr, 2005 - Satellite Pro's are NOT Out of Business!

On 16 Mar, 2005 (see above) they claimed to have gone out of of business.
(the same day they finally paid me the money they've owed since Oct, 2003)

Well guess what? Today (12 Apr, 2005) I happened to be driving through Laingsburg, MI and guess what I saw?

Click for larger image Click for larger image

I couldn't believe my eyes... we'll I should have... after all, we're talking about the biggest liars I've ever had the unpleasant pleasure of knowing. So I took another pass by and sure enough, they are using the same signs they had on their last storefront in Ovid, even the sign showing they cover a 5 state area. I didn't see anyone in the store, but I did see their kids outside, playing.

Compare the signs from their old store in Ovid, MI
Click to view larger image

Their new address is (in case any of my fellow screwed installers need it for court);
NOTE: The Laingsburg office is now vacant (see 14 July,2005 below)

239 E. Grand River Rd.
Laingsburg, MI 48848
Phone: 517-651-9050

Sure enough, did a Dun & Bradstreet on them and...

Single location

239 E Grand River Rd
Laingsburg, MI 48848-8601
Phone: 517-651-9050

13 Apr, 2005 Noonish - Phone Call from Denise

I received a phone call from a very irate Denise. She claims they've had the Laingsburg storefront for a long time, that it is actually closed as they are out of the satellite business. She also said they were invited to the MSP meeting but did not attend. She said if she could come up with the money for a tank of gas, she'd come over to Mount Morris. I asked if that was a threat; she said she doesn't make threats. She said she was looking for a job and that in fact, Kevin was at work right now at a factory.

If I find it true that they have had this storefront for a long time, simultaneously with their Ovid store, and that they were in fact not at the MSP meeting, then I will remove this entry.

I expect that I will get more nasty e-mails from Kevin and Denise threatening to sue me for slander. I say go for it. There is nothing on this page that is not a fact or when not a fact, stated as much. I finally got fed up with all the lies. I have been quiet long enough. There are still several installers/companies that did work for Satellite Pro's that still have not been paid. One states they are owed $12,750. I hear another was forced to go out of business due to over $22,000 owed to them, but I haven't been able to verify that yet. US Mobile, if you are reading this, contact me! I am hoping this web page will help keep another installer or installation company from getting ripped off by them.

The one constant I and many others have learned about Kevin and Denise Hedrick of Satellite Pro's is they lie... all the time. You can't tell when they're telling the truth.

P.S. I later made some phone calls and found out they got their Occupancy Permit for the Laingsburg office in Feb '05. Had the storefront for a "long time"? Yeah right. Just another lie.


I received an e-mail from a friend. They forwarded an e-mail they received from Denise. Since this one, I've received the same e-mail forwarded by several installers. Not only are they still in business, but they are recruiting installers nationwide!

Read the e-mail here. *(Opens in new window - turn off pop-up blocker)

Read the ridiculous contract * I highlighted areas of interest, for example, they list themselves in the first paragraph as an "LLC", but I could find no listing with the Michigan Secretary of States office. Later in the contract they state they are a "sole proprietorship". They list three different addresses or cities as place of business, one old, another older, and a P.O. Box, but do not show their current "physical" address (I list it above, under 12 April (now vacant)).

In the e-mail Denise states "Your company came highly recommended by someone from DSI..." If you call her she'll tell you it was Lorna Danley ( at DSI that recommended you. But if you call Lorna (515-457-2848), she denies it. But Lorna, asked many times in the MSN Group that she's a member of, to explain her relationship with Denise/Satellite Pros, has yet to respond, making it look like she is helping Satellite Pros out with their endeavor. Even thought Satellite Pros no longer contracts with DSI. Or do they? They lie so much, who knows? Maybe they still do!

I understand she is (and Lorna) telling people they've never been taken to court and they don't own anyone any money. Of course, if you read down this blog, the Satellite Company Reviews and the MSN Group, you'll see that's not true. Here's a document from another court case by another installer. They actually seized Kevin's boat and held it until they paid the installer.

14 June, 2005 - A posting on the MSN Group (Denise tells the truth???)

Yeah, we did work for them in XX. She sent us work on Prosite. It was DSI work. The only time she wanted to pay was when we would remove her access from Prosite and then she'd pay up. That's what saved us from her oweing us over $2000.00. What's funny is in the end we saw what was posted on Cablesux [Reviews] for Satellite Pro and called her. We had read where they had filed bankruptcy. She denied it. She said that she had only posted that to get you guys off her back, and that you, (Joel) had done lousy work for them and that is why you didn't get paid. Needless to say the jobs we did after that we didn't get paid for. I wish we would've known about Cablesux [Reviews] before doing work for them.

So there it is. They did not file for bankruptcy. I suspected that was a lie, too. If you are owed money, go to court and get it. It worked for me.

15 June, 2005 - E-mail from "Destiny" (aka Denise again). "Destiny" had requested to join the Satellite Broadband Technicians group under the name Genuine Satellites, which no one has ever heard of. Of course, I already knew it was Denise, but I went ahead and sent her an e-mail asking for more information to verify they were not Satellite Pros, and this is the response I got.

From: Dexerea L <>
To: <>
Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2005, 2:42:33 AM
Subject: From Genuine Satellites
Files: <none>
I don't know who " Satellite Pros" is and I don't care who they are. I don't
know who you are either. Any one has all rights to join any site as long as
they follow the FCC rules and regulations. I am just out here not to cause
no problems. I don't have time to play these type of games if you want to
call them; I am out here minding my own business and that's all. If you must
know any information about me or my company is "nothing personal" is none of
your business. You nor anyone else can dictate who can join and who can't;
as long as they mind their p's and q's. So, if you don't grant me access,
then I will talk w/ my uncle that is in with the FCC. I don't care either

Have a good day.


Destiny (Mullholland) Carpenter
Genuine Satellites

Yes, again the same IP as Denise's computer. Denise, you need to be a little more inventive.. I found out your ex-husband's last name is Mullholland, too!

24 June, 2005 - Post on the MSN Group - Bouncing checks, using the new contract to charge installers fees.... and there's nothing you can do about it if you signed that ridiculous contract! READ IT!!!

Denise from satellite pros bounched a check to us (thank god we put money back for such occations) She gave me a real lame excuse and she sent us a money order for half of the amount. she had come up with all these fees, like 165.00 for client cancelled (she charged us 2 times for that). Started doing installs for her about 4 weeks ago on someones reccommendation from DSI. I was assured that no wrong doing would occure.

1 July, 2005 - Stealing contracts from DSI/Perfect-10 MSP Program?

Word has it that Satellite Pros is trying to steal retailers away from the MSP program and has been successful with at least 3 retailers that we know of. What does DSI/Perfect-10 management think about this? Lorna Danley ( of DSI knows about it, but is doing nothing about it? Strange...

Digital Direct Satellite of Cleveland, TX
Ameritran of Westminster, CA
Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications of Portola, CA

14 July, 2005 - Store is vacant

I had a DTN service call where I had to drive right through Laingsburg. Guess what? Their store is vacant now. They must be working from home now. So, if you need to serve papers on them, don't use the store address anymore, use their home address.

Oh, I heard too that I am being sued for allowing things to be said about them on the Internet. LOL That's a riot! You can't sue someone for telling the truth! But.. you CAN sue someone for Internet fraud when they use the Internet to recruit installers and then not pay them. And when you do it across state lines, it becomes a Federal offense. See IFCC ( And what about all the fraudulent names used by them to make fraudulent posts and send fraudulent e-mails? Let's see, I could file a complaint about them trying to gain access to a private group using fake identities; about them making posts that improve the outlook of their company using false identities; making posts about other companies in order to make them look bad using false identities.

Oh, I also heard that Lorna calls the prospective installers first, that she is going to recommend them to Satellite Pros, then Denise contacts them. What does your boss think about that Lorna???

*To be fair to Kevin and Denise, I have stated this before, I could care less if they stay in business. I am not trying to put them out of business, just trying to stop them from ripping off independent installers. Obviously they need to stay in business in order to pay off everyone the owe money to! If they want to run a local retail store, with their own sales, install the equipment themselves, or with hired (not contracted) employees, great. Just stop lying and ripping off hard working installers. But.. since they chose the opposite route, to go national to recruit retailers and installers, this page will stay up to inform the unsuspecting installer.

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